Online Medical Billing Training Videos by a Medical Billing Company CEO

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About Manny Oliverez – Medical Billing Company CEO

Manny Oliverez - Medical Billing Company CEOHi, I’m Manny Oliverez and I am the CEO and Co-founder of Capture Billing, a medical billing company

I have always loved being is business. I started my first business when I was 6 years old selling greeting cards to family and friends. In junior high school I had a photography business taking pictures at sporting events and selling them to students and parents. When I was 19 I started Margarita’s Mexican Restaurants which I owned and operated for 12 years. After the restaurants I went to work for the Walt Disney Company for a few years.

Using my business experience from owning my own companies, along with the customer service and attention to detail skills I honed while at Disney, I next went into Healthcare Management and medical billing. Fast forward several years and I have taught medical billing at a local community college, am part of several healthcare business organizations and run Capture Billing with the help of many great people.

Now I want to share that experience with you. That’s why I have started offering online medical billing video courses.