Online Medical Billing Training Videos by a Medical Billing Company CEO

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Online Medical Billing Training Course

4 Reasons to Enroll

  1. Learn from a Medical Billing Company CEO
  2. Low cost to find out if you want to pursue a medical billing career 
  3. Self-paced course
  4. See the whole billing process from a patient walking into the clinic through the claim being paid

Course Outline

    1. Collecting Demographic Information
    2. Posting Charges
    3. Submitting Claims & Follow-up
    4. EOB Entry & Follow-up
    5. A/R Follow-up
    6. Patient Statements
    7. Collections
  1. Reporting

Is medical billing the right career path for you?

Don’t spend thousands of dollars just to find out it’s not the right choice for you. My course will give you an overview of the medical billing process from start to finish for only a fraction of the cost to see if a career in medical billing is right for you.

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